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This 3D Jewellery designing course is an advanced 3D jewellery designing program that covers all aspects of 3D Design, the duration of this program is 3 months and instructor support of 6 months will be provided with this program,


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This Online 2D Jewellery designing course is a slightly more complex program which can be completed in 4 Months it included two aspects of CAD Illustrator and Photoshop where you will learn to draw as well as edit images in a step by step manner. Live instructor support of 6 months is provided with this course however there will be no new addition of new videos.


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This Online 2D & 3D Jewellery Designing program is a comprehensive course with a duration of 7 months during which three programs will be covered Illustrator, Photoshop & Rhinocerous. During this program a live support of an instructor will be provided for 1 year and no new videos will be added in this course.


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This Diploma in 2D & 3D Jewellery designing is a comprehensive and continious learning process which includes lifetime trainer support. The addition of new videos will enable you to keep learning the new designs and aspects of designing in an on going manner.


Course Syllabus Free Demo Class

About Online Jewelry Designing Courses

We at Online Jewelery Designing, Offer interactive designing courses in 2D and 3D Jewellry Designing.

For 2D Jewelery Designing we teach you Illustrator and Photoshop,
For 3D Jewelery Designing we teach you JewelCAD/CAM
(Computer Aided Designing and Computer Aided Manufacturing)

You could be in any part of the globe, India, UK, China, Japan, USA, Hong Kong, Belgium, Thailand, etc, you can study our online courses for 2D & 3D Jewellry Designing at your own convenience

We do not have any prerequisites to study our online courses, we cover every regard of designing right from the basics to the advance.

  • JewelCAD (3D Jewelry Design Software) is designed specifically for the Jewellery Industry, with a non technical interface which Jewellers; designers; and modelmakers, find easy to learn and use.
  • Using 2D (Using CorelDraw, Photoshop) & 3D Jewelry Design using JewelCAD/CAM , view the item in photorealistic rendering from any viewpoint
  • In JewelCAD/CAM (3D Jewelry), you can check the weight of gold and carat of diamond at the click of an icon
  • Advantages of Designing Jewellry on Computer: Easily produces a range of products from one design
  • JewelCAD/CAM (3D Jewellery Software) has on Built in database of over 2000 objects (Rings , Necklaces, Bangles, Diamonds, Pendants, Chains etc)
  • Automatically convert your design to a master pattern by either ‘Rapid Modelling’ or CNC machining.
  • Using the 2D & 3D Jewellery Designing Softwares , helps in reducing the cost of Jewellery Manufacturing, the time taken to design is cut short to 1/5 of the time. After creating one design, can create 4 – 5 more details out of the same design (Permutation / Combination)
  • Design your 2D & 3D Jewelery as a ‘Virtual Model’
  • JewelCAD is already improving business in retail shops by enabling client participation in designing their own one off commissions.
  • JewelCAD/CAM files are easily transported, (by floppy disc, or e-mail), to specialist Service Bureaux to convert your virtual model into a wax model or even a stamping die if required.
  • Extreme Flexibility that lets you work at your own pace.
    We never have a “closed” classroom! You can access your courses 24×7. Our training sessions are self-paced and taught completely online which gives you the flexibility you need in your busy schedule.
  • One-on-One Instruction focused around you.All of our faculty members are excellent designers and share a passion for teaching. You will be working one-on-one with each of these professional instructors in your courses
  • Fast track Scheduling for quick completion of your program.Our flexible learning environment allows you to complete your program in as little as little as 6 months as you can take the guidance for a couple of hours on end and finish the course in as little time as you want.
  • 100% Interactive for you to develop interest and learn the best.
    Our course is cent percent interactive. We have 24×7 helpline and the international students can contact the faculty members by email, telephone etc while the in-state students can even come down and meet the teachers at the institution.
  • Course Correction & Critique for you to be better than the best.
    You will be completing one phase at a time so you can send us your work to be checked and our teachers will critically evaluate your projects and give comments so there’s always room for improvement.

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