About Online Jewelry Designing Courses CAD/CAM

COMPUFIELD® (estb 1985) Training Institute was started by Mr. M. E. Khairaz. It was the first one of its kind in Mumbai (Bombay) – INDIA and it specialized in JEWELLERY DESIGNING, FASHION DESIGNING, INTERNET, DIGITAL ART, MULTIMEDIA and PROGRAMMING courses. Over the years Compufield has managed to maintain its standard for imparting quality training in all the latest software packages.

COMPUFIELD has been teaching Jewellery Designing courses since 1991, CAD (Computer Aided Designing) courses and CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) since 2000.

Online-Jewellery-Designing.com is a sister concern of COMPUFIELD. Students who wish you study this course from any part of the globe, at their own convenience, can take up this course.

The courses at Online-Jewellery-Designing are interactive, and the same instructors who guide students at the institute evaluate the students files studying online

Onlinetraining Skill Assessment Module can help one understand their skill level and then design and implement a training program accordingly.

The skill assessment modules and our qualified team of professionals help measure the program on an Ongoing basis made by the student assuring success.

Justification can be highlighted from the various design galleries of student projects.

Let us put the power of E-learning into your hands.
Credibility to enhance, and building avenues of our students and professionals is our sincere motto.

Our Mission:
To impart online computer training for anycourse, anytime and anywhere in the World.

Why we are different

  • A thorough Research has been conducted so as to derive the methodology of teaching our courses online so as to satisfy our students to the utmost and to keep our training as close to the conventional training method (Face to Face).
  • A proper study has been conducted on the courses we offer, thereby deriving the number of sessions required by the student to complete a particular course.
  • The study material of the course is devised by our experienced staff which helps the student to integrate the course material and the teaching of the tutor.
  • Professional Job assignments and tutorials have been devised so as to help the student to practically apply what he/she has learned.
  • Ongoing tests / examinations are conducted to keep students on the trot with the software, as it also helps us to evaluate the progress of the student.
  • After completion of the course the student creates projects. This adds to the portfolio of the student. Every students project is also uploaded on our website.