3D Jewellery Designing Using Rhinoceros

Online 3D Jewellery Design Course Using Rhinos

Unleash your creative instincts and design your own jewelry , with our Online Jewelry Designing courses . Our Jewelry Design Course Online is a customized course using the rhino 3d software. Rhino jewelry is a professional 3d software which works on the basis of NURBS mathematical model.Rhino 3d training is provided as a step by step process , we begin with the basics of rhino cad training and then proceed with the rhino course creating more complex structures like rings, necklaces, bangles and cufflinks.

This Jewelry Designing Course online using rhino jewelry can be useful to anyone who has a family business of jewelry and would like to sharpen and polish their jewelry designing skills. Rhino cad cam training program can also be taken up by students /housewives with a keen interest in jewelry and a an urge to enter the Jewelry designing industry.

The online cad courses using rhino jewelry is offered with a flexible time frame where student can learn rhino 3d at their own pace. Assignments and exercises of rhino cad jewelry completed by the students will be emailed to the faculties for assessment. Their queries regarding the rhino training will also be solved during the course of the rhino 3d course. Live sessions of rhino cad cam will also be conducted to supplement the jewelry design course.

Online 3D Jewelery Designing Using Rhino Free Demo Class

Rhinos Course Syllabus

Rhinoceros 5

  • Introduction : Concept of 3D Designing in Jewellery

  • App Intro : What is the role of Rhinoceros in Jewellery Designing. 

  • Curve : Drawing and Editing – Tools and Utilities

  • Dimensioning : Co-Ordinate methods / Geometrics

  • Text : Creating / Editing / Extruding

  • 3D Concept : Concept of View and Visual of 3D object

  • 3D modelling : Solid / Surface-Creating and Editing Tools and Unities

  • Modelling : Ring / Earring / Pendent / Necklace / Bangles / Bracelet / Cufflinks

  • Hand Tools : Layers / Properties / Display panels / Toolbars / Wizards

  • Gems / Stone : Creating / Shaping / Texturing – Tools, Utilities, Methods, Patterns

  • Stone settings : Prong / Mini Prong / Pave / Bezel / Channel etc.

  • Output  : Lighting / Rendering / Printing (With and without dimensions)

  • Practical : Ring / Necklace / Bangles / Ear Rings / Cufflinks

  • Tips and Tricks